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From the very beginning the “Voices in Pictures” project was designed to include a strong multicultural dimension that would be seen in pictures taken by partner organisations and used in language and cross-cultural tasks/ activities. One of our aims was to raise learners´ awareness of their European common identity and at the same time show them the advantages of having specific identities and traits. We believe that by doing so we have laid the foundation for an improved intercultural tolerance and a more effective understanding of stereotypes.


The above mentioned approach required bringing together people from different nations to maximize the diversity of perspectives, methods and ideas within the group. It remains clear that the project could not be implemented within one country.


The European dimension was crucial for fulfilling the aims set in the application in general and, in particular:


  • it created a wide cooperation between European organisations active in the field of adult education, which have developed their individual capacities in providing high quality language and culture oriented courses
  • it enabled an international discussion on European awareness, cultural similarities and differences
  • it provided the participating staff and learners with a possibility to interact in a multinational environment, enhance their intercultural communication skills as well as their English language competences
  • it has made intercultural exchange of knowledge, experience and innovative practices among the participating organisations possible;
  • it has influenced the quality of adult education;
  • it reduced cultural barriers, stereotypes and misconceptions by supporting direct contact among different countries
  • it enhanced the capabilities and international experience of the participating organizations
  • it helped to build intercultural relations/networks (personal and institutional) and improved mutual tolerance and understanding.


Throughout the project, we tried to reinforce the European dimension in adult education both, by encouraging communication and cooperation between learners, teachers and institutions and enriching teaching and learning strategies. We believe we have done it successfully.

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