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Activities with pictures A - D


ABC of Pictures


1. ABC of Pictures - English


2. ABC of Pictures - Latvian


3. Modern pictures ABC


A new shopping centre


1. A new shopping centre


2. A new shopping centre - Teachers

Animation Photolangage


1. Animation Photolangagel - activity



At the stall


1. At the stall - activity






1. Beachdancing - activity sheet








1. Cars - activity sheet

Centenarean Europeans


1. Centenarean Europeans - activity - English


2. Europeos centenarios - activity - Spanish


Handouts :

1. Centenarean Europeans - English

2. Europeos centenarios - Spanish

Cherchez les détails


1. Cherchez les détails - activité

Christmas Market


1. Christmas Market- activity with examples and pictures - pdf

Christmas Market - word

Pictures Data Bank - Christmas Market





1. Clara - activity sheet

Colour Hunting


1. Colour hunting - activity and handout


2. Drawings for "Colour hunting"

Colours in everyday life


1. Colours in everyday life - activity and handout with examples

2. Example of ad for suggestion 2

3. Example of ad clip for suggestion 2

Creating a picture cube


1. Creating a picture cube - activity with examples



Different perceptions of a city


1. Different perceptions of Lublin - PowerPoint description and results





























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